Sunday, 3 July 2016

Welcome Home!

Glad you stopped by! As you can see I have been updating like crazy so I can move on to new and exciting classes, CTMH news and DIY's

This post maybe a little long, it is a catch up with what we have been doing! It has been quiet during the last year but i promise is has not been, in fact things are going very well in my new town.

Also don't forget to check the tab ^^ Above and on the side and you can quickly see all of the goodies i post at a glance. Links galore!!

One of my highlights has been the so very popular Fairy Jars
I used my Cricut Explore to cut of the faeries. Mod podge, tissue paper, hot glue and some pretty embellishments. Many kits made it to a new home and i held a few classes, a perk is no clean up and you go home with a finished project.

Below you can see it all lite up, i used battery operated flickering Tealight - Buy in bulk here.

Check out the last few months of the scrapbook club's projects. 

Calypso Collection - Still available until August

 Magical - Still available until August

And July's project is Florence

BUT take a look at what you can do with this paper pack...i am going to sooooo make one for my self. 

Keep checking back daily to see the new add on's! 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


It has been quite a while since i have posted here, I wanted to share an update with you all. No worries, it is not a book's worth, lol

SO with close to my heart and crafting, has been super busy in my local town. We have a thriving Scrapbook Club, monthly classes and just having a crafting night about once a month.

Also i have been getting really busy with Comic book Convention season starting soon. I also spend a lot of time doing Cosplay Photography, check the tab above to see a few pictures, i am also working hard on that blog too.

If by chance you stopped to see this, thank you and to new friends, thank you for finding me. Please look forward to new art work, kits and classes for local to the YEG area.

Alrighty now we are done with that, on to some artwork!

Those might have been pre-views from the NEW Seasonal Expression 2 Available on May 1st. Join my newsletter Right here! - Sign up Form 

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Fall time artwork

Artwork from this fall, a few from a scrapbook retreat and some from home. It was a slow time, moving sucks and i hope i dont have to do it again for many many years. ;-) 

Here is 2 from the workshop on the go! 

These 3 are from Nancy's scrapbook retreat in Canmore. Love going every year! 

Wide open layout for pictures of different sized pictures, just have to mat them and add some jounaling and we are good to go! 

Did you noticed the flip flaps? They are one of my favorite ways to add pictures to layouts. Great way to add visual interest to your albums. 

I promise in 2016 i will add all my photos to the premade layouts :-) It will be a task! 

Thanks for stopping by!! 

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Artwork time!

Now that i am all settled in to my new place i have been creating a lot of art work behind the computer and i have been spending some time take pictures and uploading them for you.

While in the next week or so while you are seeing new art work i will be updating info on the new clubs, classes, and other new and exciting stuff.

To all the new peeps to stop by, thank you and welcome!!

Lets start with Urban Workshop!

This is a workshop option for the scrapbook club, one of three layouts that we will be doing in February. Also with that club is Charlotte Take a look at the CTMH pictures.

Stunning! Class is February 19th 2016 - due January 15th 2106 - More info

More art in the next post!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

August's CTMH Special

Hi It is August 1st! Half way-ish though summer. I have a question for you. Do you want to get access to brand NEW Close to my heart products before the Idea book will be released September 1st? August is the time to get your hands on new products not seen before. I have a couple of picture explaining the specials from Close to my heart. 

Isn't this an awesome roll up for your accessories, I am going to use these to sort my embellishments and planner goodies to keep it very organized. You can also grab it on the go! Perfect for my planner buddies! Oh what what this does not show, well it has 16, pockets!!! 

If you like to color? How about this set? This marker roll up will hold your Shinhan markers. You will receive a new stamp set with this order. It is also from the unreleased catalog, get yours before anyone else! 
Grab on the go! perfect for the awesome sharpie collection or your Shinhans. 

If you would like your own click here to buy. Each purchase will be entered in to a giveaway for card makers or planner folks!